Internships provide work experience within an organization and provide a stepping stone to future career opportunities. The International Development Studies (IDS) Internship Corner is available to assist IDEV students interested in pursuing an internship during their studies. 

GIDS faculty and PhD students with professional experience in the field can provide advice on how to improve your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn page.

How the Internship Corner Works

The Internship Corner offers individual "Getting Oriented" sessions aimed at helping you:

  • Decide on the type of opportunities that best match your interests
  • Identify career development steps you can take now
  • Focus on the right job platforms and career resources

Internship applications often require specialized language and experience. The Internship Corner can help with:

  • Feedback on your application form, CV, and cover letter
  • Online presentation and social media presence (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Interview preparation and networking tips

What to expect from the Internship Corner


  • Give you a clear picture of a typical selection process and offer advice on improving your portfolio
  • Help you match your interests to appropriate career trajectories
  • Offer advice on making the most of your internship and building a reference list for future jobs

What NOT to expect from the Internship Corner


  • Suggest specific internships that you can apply to/remind you about opportunities
  • Write the application for you/act as your personal and professional editor
  • Write you recommendation letters BUT we will offer advice on whom and how to ask

Internship Corner apointments are available during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Schedules and instructions for how to book an appointment will be distributed via email.