Careers & After Graduation

Thinking about what to do after graduation? Graduates of the IDS program pursue careers and find employment in a variety of fields both in Canada and abroad, including:

  • international business
  • foreign service
  • government agencies
  • communications and public relations
  • non-governmental organizations
  • journalism
  • community development
  • corporate social responsibility

Career Resources

IDS Career Paths

Check out the 2017 report on Career Paths of IDS Graduates in Canada.

The report was a joint CASID/CCUPIDS project by Dr. Rebecca Tiessen (University of Ottawa) and Dr. John Cameron (Dalhousie University).

Co-operative Education & Career Services

Visit Co-operative Education & Career Services for resume building, interview preparation, career advice, workshops, and the Recruit Guelph job database.

What can I do with a BA in International Development Studies?

Recruit Guelph

International Development Job Boards

Thinking about Graduate School?

As a GIDS graduate, you can pursue graduate studies in interdisciplinary or disciplinary programs at universities in Canada or abroad. Every institution and/or program has its own specific admission requirements and application deadlines, so do your research as early as possible on the programs that interest you.

Resources for exploring graduate studies

If you're exploring your options for graduate studies, talk to faculty advisors and professors. Faculty members can offer helpful advice and are often aware of graduate schools in their area of study.

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students