Calls to Action

The 9 Calls to Action identified in A Path Forward: Anti-Racism Working Group Report point the way to creating an anti-racist, inclusive, equitable and safe place for the GIDS community to learn and work:

Call to Action 1: Communicate GIDS’ commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression

Call to Action 2: Communicate university policies and procedures for addressing discrimination and harassment, and establish prompt, effective, and confidential channels to address these issues when they do occur

Call to Action 3: Increase diversity among IDS faculty and advocate for increased diversity in other departments

Call to Action 4: Diversify the undergraduate student population

Call to Action 5: Diversify and decolonize the curriculum

Call to Action 6: Enhance capacity of faculty to create and maintain respectful and inclusive classroom environments, facilitate discussions about race, and address issues when they do arise

Call to Action 7: Raise student awareness and understanding of racism, oppression, and their impacts

Call to Action 8: Create opportunities for BIPOC students and faculty to gather

Call to Action 9: Provide information about available supports for BIPOC students, staff, and faculty

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