International Development Studies BA

International Development Studies

Create sustainable change at home and around the world

Explore the nature and impacts of economic and social development in Canada and across the globe. Tackle the big issues like poverty, food insecurity, the humanitarian crisis and global climate change. Develop the analytical skills needed to bring about positive change in the world.

Join one of the first international development programs in Canada — a program that provides real-world development experience and interdisciplinary teaching.

Draw on courses from across disciplines to discover the breadth of international development theory and practice.

Program Completion Requirements

5 Areas of Emphasis to Choose From

Declare International Development Studies (IDS) as a major, a major (co-op), a minor or as a specialization within the Bachelor of Arts program. Take core courses in international development theory and then choose one of five areas of emphasis to pursue (major paths only):

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Development in the Canadian Context
  • Development in Fragile Contexts
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Gender and Inclusive Development

  • Understanding Development and Global Inequalities
  • Development, Social Justice and Human Rights
  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Engaging in Development Practice
  • Achieving Sustainable Development
  • Managing and Evaluating Change in Development

More Courses


Gain theoretical understanding and practical skills that will serve you throughout your career. Broaden your worldview through relevant local and international experiences. Develop a solid foundation of abilities and expertise needed to pursue a wide range of possible careers, including:

  • Economic Development Officer
  • Teacher
  • International Strategy Analyst
  • Lawyer
  • International Aid Worker
  • Policy Analyst
  • Immigration Officer
  • Global Affairs Executive
  • International Marketing Executive
  • Community Development

 Broaden Your Horizons

Explore experiential learning opportunities embedded throughout coursework. Participate in learning experiences such as field schools and study abroad programs. Engage with local and international individuals and organizations.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

 Choose a Co-op option for real-world experience

The co-op program gives you the opportunity to gain relevant work experience, build professional networks and develop essential interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the workplace — all while getting paid and earning your university degree.

The International Development Studies co-op program includes four co-op work terms in addition to eight academic semesters, for a total of four and a half years of study at the University of Guelph.

Co-op Program Completion Requirements

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