Undergraduate Honours Thesis and Independent Study Courses

Students in the IDS program have the option of completing an Honours Thesis or IDEV Independent Work/Study Courses. If you're interested in either of these options, first review the detailed information and guidelines on these courses below. Approval/registration for these courses is provided by the IDS Academic Advisor.

IDS Honours Thesis Courses (IDEV*4100/4150)

The undergraduate thesis courses, IDEV*4100 and IDEV*4150,  provide an opportunity for undergraduate students in the IDS Honours Major to complete an undergraduate thesis on a topic related to international development. The thesis is an independent research project that takes place across two successive semesters, supervised by a faculty member. In IDEV*4100 students are required to undertake a literature review as well as plan develop and write a research proposal. In IDEV*4150, students will conduct research, write a thesis and defend their thesis in an oral presentation. The topic of the thesis will be selected in consultation with the student's faculty supervisor (see more infomation in the Thesis Course Guidelines on finding a research topic and faculty supervisor). Read through the Thesis Course Guidelines (which provides registration information) and contact the IDS Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Guidelines (IDEV*4100/IDEV*4150)

Undergraduate Work/Study Courses (IDEV*3200/4190/4200)

IDS undergraduate students have the option of registering in an Individual/Independent Work or Study Course (IDEV*3200, IDEV*4190/IDEV*4200). These courses can be used for work, study, research, volunteer, study abroad, internship and other experiential learning opportunities. Information on the Work/Study Course options can be found in the Work/Study Course Guidelines. After you've reviewed this information you can contact the IDS Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Undergraduate Independent Work/Study Courses Guidelines (IDEV*3200/4190/4200)