Course Planning Guide

Figuring out your academic schedule can be confusing and stressful. We are here to help!

Check out the tips and recommendations in this guide to help you plan your courses. Have questions? You can always reach out the ID Academic Advisor.

Throughout your studies, stay on track by asking yourself these questions:

  • Am I taking the right courses to satisfy the requirements of both the BA degree and the ID specialization?
  • Are the courses I plan to take offered next semester or next year?
  • Should I be doing a minor?
  • What courses should I be taking now if I want to study abroad?
  • Are the courses and the program I am doing now the best ones for my long-term goals?

Are you a student registered in the ID major, in the 2018 calendar or earlier? The link below provides information specifically for you.

For students following the 2018-19 Academic Calendar or Earlier