Winter 2024 Course Selection

The information below provides guidance for students in the IDS (major, minor, Area of Concentration) program to assist them with their Winter 2024 course selection. Questions about IDS program requirements and IDEV courses should be directed to Lisa Blenkinsop, IDS Academic Advisor.

IDEV Course Offerings (23/24)

The following courses will not be offered in 23/24:

  1. IDEV*2200, Policy, Economy and Society. Will be offered in Fall 2024
  2. IDEV*2300, Theoretical Perspectives on Development. Will be offered in Winter 2025
  3. IDEV*3100, Sustainable Development will no longer be offered. Substitutions include: UNIV*2200, Towards Sustainability (F23) and GEOG*3020, Global Environmental Change (F23) (GEOG*3020 cannot be double-counted between the ESD area of emphasis and core requirements), SOAN*3380, Culture, Society and Nature (W24)
  4. NOTE: If you have taken UNIV*2200, GEOG*3020 or SOAN*3380 to substitute for IDEV*3100 you must email Lisa at for the course to be counted as a substitution.

The following IDEV courses will be offered in the Fall 23 Semester ONLY:

  1. IDEV*4000, Development in Action
  2. IDEV*4600, Advocating and Effecting Change in Development Policy and Practice

The following IDEV courses will be offered in the Winter 24 Semester: 

  1. IDEV*1000 (DE), Understanding Development and Global Inequalites
  2. IDEV*2400, Development, Social Justice and Human Rights
  3. IDEV*3300, Engaging in Development Practice
  4. IDEV*3400, Managing and Evaluating Change in Development

Core Restricted Electives Availabile in Winter 2024:

  1. GEOG*3050, Development and the City
  2. PHIL*3230, Theories of Justice
  3. POLS*3790, International Political Economy

Winter 2024 IDS Area of Emphasis Course Availability

NOTE: IDEV*4100, Thesis in International Development Studies I and IDEV*4150, Thesis in International Development Studies II are available in Summer, Fall and Winter Semesters. Information and requirements for the thesis courses can be found here.

The following IDS Major Areas of Emphasis courses are available in Winter 2024 (subject to change).

Agriculture and Food Security

  1. AGR*2150, Plant Agriculture for International Development
  2. AGR*2500, Field Course in International Agriculture
  3. FARE*1300, Poverty, Food and Hunger
  4. ENVS*2130, Eating Sustainably in Ontario 
  5. OAGR*2070, Introduction to Organic Agriculture

Development in the Canadian Context

  1. ANTH*2660, Contemporary Indigenous Peoples in Canada
  2. HIST*2090, Indigenous People of the Americas
  3. POLS*2300, Canadian Goverment and Politics
  4. POLS*3140, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  5. SOAN*4210, Indigenous Issues in Canadian Society

Development in Fragile Contexts

  1. ANTH*4440, Culture, Rights and Development 
  2. HIST*3270, Revolution in the Modern World
  3. POLS*2100, Comparative Politics
  4. POLS*3000, Politics of Africa
  5. POLS*4340, Nationalism (1.00 credits)
  6. SOAN*3130, Protest, Resistance and Collective Action

Environment and Sustainable Development

  1. PHIL*2070, Philosophy of the Environment

4th year students requiring ESD course to graduate should contact Lisa Blenkinsop.

Gender and Inclusive Development

  1. ANTH*4440, Culture, Rights and Development
  2. HIST*2930, Women and Cultural Change
  3. POLS*2150, Gender and Politics
  4. SOAN*4230, Gender and Global Inequality II