Graduate Course Descriptions and Outlines

Course outlines

Course offerings are subject to change, please consult current IDEV course outlines and WebAdvisor for up-to-date information.

Master's Collaborative Specialization

IDEV*6200: Development Theory, Issues and Process [1.0], F/W

This course will examine key issues in development, for example social justice, poverty and inequality, sustainability, governance and inclusiveness, and how perspectives on these issues have changed over time and differ across disciplinary perspectives. The course will be taught through guided readings, case study analysis, and seminar-based discussions. The course will be writing-intensive and focus on the development of skills in oral communication of development issues.

IDEV*6300: Research Analysis in a Development Context [0.5] F/W

Students will explore alternative approaches to development research and analysis across documentary, qualitative and quantitative methods and the ethical issues associated with research in a development context. The course involves guided readings and seminar-based discussions related to development research. There will emphasis on written and oral communication of development research and analysis to diverse audiences. This course will be taught over a two-week period at the start of the summer semester.

For details, please refer to the Calendar Requirements for the Master's Collaborative Specialization in International Development Studies.

PhD Collaborative Specialization

IDEV*6800: Theories and Debates in Development [0.50], F

This course examines recent approaches in development theory explaining international inequality, poverty and long-term change. It also investigates selected current debates in international development – such as food security, trade, good governance, sustainability or gender – from various discipline-based and interdisciplinary perspectives, and analyzes selected regional experiences of development.

IDEV*6850 Development Research and Practice [0.50], W

In this course students establish the linkages between their doctoral research topic and the wider field of development studies and practice. The course will examine development policies and projects, ethical issues related to (cross-cultural) development research, and relationships between research and development practice.

For details, please refer to the Calendar Requirements for the PhD Collaborative Specialization in International Development Studies.