Anne-Marie Connor

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2023

Year Graduated: 2004 

IDS Degree: MA in International Development and Political Science 

Other education: BA Hons. Political Science with a specialization in international relations at University of Ottawa 

Current Role: Special Advisor to the World Vision President and CEO 

Since graduating in 2004, Anne-Marie has worked in various roles within the humanitarian sector, ranging from emergency response to community development. Her master's thesis focused on the role of women's groups and community-based organizations in tackling the HIV/AIDS crisis, which sparked her interest in public health and humanitarian affairs.

Currently, as a Special Advisor to the World Vision President and CEO, in his role as Inter-Agency Standing Committee Champion for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment , Anne-Marie works to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse in the humanitarian sector. She believes that it is critical to prioritize the needs, wishes and safety of survivors of abuse and develop robust systems, policies, procedures, and culture change to tackle this issue. She's previously held roles as Country Director in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Regional Grants and Funding Acquisition Director for Southern Africa.  She started her career as a volunteer with Youth Challenge International in Tanzania. 

Anne-Marie is also passionate about the Humanitarian, Development, and Peace Nexus (or Triple Nexus). Instead of treating aid, development, and peace separately, in fragile contexts like DRC, we recognize that they are all connected and development gains are made when all 3 are addressed together. By coordinating our efforts, we can help people in crisis while also working towards long-term solutions to build peace and stability.

When asked how her IDS degree has been useful in her career, Anne-Marie explained that it has provided her with a solid foundation and a good understanding of various facets of the field, which has given her flexibility to work in a range of different roles. She also emphasized the importance of the international exposure and engagement she experienced during her studies, which has been invaluable in her current role. The coursework, research, and discussions encouraged her to think creatively and analyze complex problems, which has been essential as she's faced complex development and humanitarian challenges in her career.

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