What should I do if the course I want is full or WebAdvisor won't let me register?

If a course you wanted to take is full, you should look for another class you can take. If it is a course you really need, you can contact the course instructor to see if it would be possible to be signed in on overload.

Search for the course on WebAdvisor and click on the course code to find contact information for the instructor. If the instructor is listed as TBA, contact the department offering the class.

To be signed into the course on overload, you will need a signature on the Course Waiver Request form, which you then submit to the Office of Registrarial Services (University Centre, Level 3).

After you have submitted the form, it is a good idea to double-check on WebAdvisor that you are registered in the course (and keep your copy of the waiver form until you have done so).

If WebAdvisor won't allow you to register for the course, check the course description to make sure you know why (e.g. missing a prerequisite, restricted course). You will find course descriptions by looking up the course on WebAdvisor (search for the course and click on the course code) or in the current undergraduate calendar (look under Part XII Course Descriptions).

If you still would like to take the course, contact the instructor (or the department) to request a signature on the Course Waiver Request form.