Thesis in International Development Studies I (IDEV*4100)

Code and section: IDEV*4100*01

Term: Summer 2023

Instructor: Lisa Blenkinsop (Course coordinator)


The undergraduate thesis courses, IDEV*4100 and IDEV*4150,  provide an opportunity for undergraduate students in the IDS Honours Major to complete an undergraduate thesis on a topic related to international development. The thesis is an independent research project that takes place across two successive semesters, supervised by a faculty member. In IDEV*4100 students are required to undertake a literature review as well as plan develop and write a research proposal. In IDEV*4150, students will conduct research, write a thesis and defend their thesis in an oral presentation. The topic of the thesis will be selected in consultation with the student's faculty supervisor.

Prerequisite(s): 14.00 credits including IDEV*3000, IDEV*3100
Restriction(s): Registration in B.A.IDS with a minimum average of 80% in all IDS major course attempts. Instructor consent is required.

Detailed course information and how to register in the course can be found here.