Individual Work/Study in International Development (IDEV*3200)

Code and section: IDEV*3200*01

Term: Winter 2023

Instructor: Lisa Blenkinsop (Course Coordinator)


This course is intended for students who seek to combine work and study in development with their academic coursework. It may be used in connection with internships or work at international development agencies or other appropriate businesses and organizations (in Canada and abroad), for research and/or experience in a developing country, or for other practica or programs. Any faculty member at the University of Guelph with appropriate expertise may supervise the work/study project. In each case, the student and faculty member will agree on an outline of the work/study project and evaluation criteria. In all cases, the project will involve a writing component.

Prerequisite(s):10.00 credits

Restriction(s): Instructor consent required. Written approval of the faculty advisor for International Development.

Department(s): Dean's Office, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Detailed course and registration information for IDEV*3200 is available here.